Credits go to Hamish Gavin, Craig Storey, Iain Sweetman, Jacob Robin, Anthony Keenan, Hells Pizza and everyone else who contributed in the filming!


Our debut self-titled EP is now available!
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…Stay tuned for more exiting updates and releases!…


Helix Logo


A six-piece groove-infused metal band born from the southern depths of New Zealand, Helix have been around since mid-2010. The group forming as a result of the departure of members from bands Incarnate and Christpuncher. With the remaining members of both bands left with the desire and need to continue creating music – they combined forces. The result was a mixture of incredible musical personalities which arose a unique and interesting style of metal.

From delicate to destructively heavy; dynamics play an extraordinarily integral part of the sound with moments as precious as they are thundering. Standing solidly in the cement of groove and melody, Ignite The Helix showcase massive walls of chuggy riffs, combined with ambient and hauntingly powerful keys beneath aggressive but ‘hooky’ vocals.

Currently supporting their first long overdue Self titled EP and happy to have locked down their first era of songs Ignite are constantly evolving and have a lot more material to offer.  Expect up and coming new releases!



The Current Lineup:

Craig ‘Snowy’ Didham – Vocals
Scott ‘Barkey’ Herriot – Guitars
Adam ‘Fitzdurries’ ‘Fitzpleasure’ ‘Fiddy’ Fitzgerald – Guitars
Mike ‘Mickey Moomoo’ Mitchell – Drums/Vox
Dylan “YOUSONOFABITCH” Pringle – Bass
Ellen “Riffuel” Wilcox – Keys/Samples


Past Members:

Brendon ‘Mr. Saturday Night, Mucat’ Mchattie – Bass (featured in photo)
Sam ‘Texas’ Holdom – Drums
Hamish ‘BAAAAAAA!!!’ Gavin – Drums